Gimp GPS Fast Sketch

Hi all,
recently i am making more sketches with my beloved Gimp Paint Studio, refining the presets aims and parameters. They are quite good to solve lot of works and to make doodles sketches and everything, Now, i have change a bit my goal about GPS. It will not try to mimic perfectly the classic techniques(of course we have now a very good feeling about that), but it will cover lot of usual effects. so if 1.3 was centered in get a full "sketch presets" pack. the following, 1.4 will be a bit different. So lot of work to do, but also lot of fun. Hope you like this new and well...  stay tuned.

Also i have to say that i want to focus more in my own paintings so i am centered now in painting with GPS and more tools . waiting to gimp 2.8 to begin to tag everything and see whats happend.  i left you for a while with a recent sketch that i have done quickly trying to get a more sketchy feelings. hope you like it.

click image to enlarge