MyPaint Tutorial. " Painting a cormorant "

Hi all, 
Navigating through  MyPaint forum i just discovered an small tutorial about "how to paint a cormorant" . i found it very interesting and simple for new users, so i asked for permission to post here. The tutorial is mainly focus as he said on "this tutorial is less about constructing and lighting a cormorant and more about expressing the shapes and colors of something you see."He is using the default round & flat brushes (dry&wet), the 6B pencil and the hard lines detail brush thing.

MayPaint is a very interesting software. If you try it ,you love it.

check it out here: http://globaloid.blogspot.com/2010/04/mypaint-tutorial-painting-cormorant.html 
Result (~45 min):

Cheers and thanks for the program, I like it a lot!

MyPaint Download here:

Some images from the same author, Ilmari Heikkinen