Ramon Set explained! the easy way to paint on MyPaint

Hi all! 
MyPaint 0.9 is here and that is a very good new for everybody who loves to paint.I have developed
Today i want to share with you a brief document that will help new MyPaint users to get a simple idea of what they have in their hands when they are painting with Ramon set in MyPaint. You can download from the "MyPaintAtelier project, which holds all my documents or experiments that helps to understand MyPAint better.
So if you are a new user or midlevel user this document is for you totally free. you can print, copy ,post on your blog, show in a presentation.. whatever.

if you are more interested on MyPaint stuff, you can see the "MyPaint" tag on the blog. or go directly here to learn more about brushes.Brushes Explanation

You can also download more brushes here: BrushPacks for Mypaint