GPS 1.5 _BETA release. Check it out Freely.

I am very happy to announce the new BETA for GPS 1.5 that means is not allready finished ,more presets can be deleted, or included, but guys! you have to check it out..

 the new "clone tool" presets. the new "Crop tool" presets, the new "Gradient tool" presets and more , lot of things  that have to be explained maybe with a video?

And this is the challenge that i sent to users.
A) I need your help and feedback, everything will be more fun if you ALL tell me what do you want for the new release, which are the most used brushes for you, your favourite presets, the worst presets. anything! ideas crits.all the notes will be gathered to do a better GPS.the best 3 ideas will be published giving credit to their authors.

B) Do you have nice brushes,palettes,gradients, anything that maybe could be included for the new release? then this is your project, BUT THEY HAVE TO BE ORIGINALS FROM YOU right?. and of course CC 3.0 SA.You can send me your best paintings with GPS to mirandagraphic_arroba_gmail_dot_com. Take in acount that our goal is to achieve better painting tools, so please be selective.

C) Would you like to see your images included in the new GPS intro video?Then you can send me your best paintings with GPS to mirandagraphic_arroba_gmail_dot_com.at a good resolution to be displayed on HD

my apologizes if your content is not selected, but i have size constrains and everything can´t be included.but there will be a surprise if the contents are quite enough ...

Well, i hope you like this new goal, GPS is growing and you can be part of this.


NOTE: Sorry but i make GPS for the 2.6.x branch. i don´t know if it is work on 2.7.x ...But i know that 2.7 is the development release so Dynamics has changed (for better, and a lot) and there is also a new way to admin the presets. I can´t fix it by now