MyPaint. How to make brushes on MyPaint

The community is a so good source of knowledge...

Now the tutorial english translation is complete and online. BIG thanks to
  • Alberto Enrique Chávez from Guatemala. (since now i love that country) He made a huge work translating all the contents text and images texts.
  • Sam Hutchinson has done also a good work translating the text. so i can compare the 2 odt files and choice the better for the final english release. that saves lot of time.

[Can I help you? do you help me?
If you are interested to translate this tutorial into another language, please contact me.
The tutorial is made ​​for that purpose, and would appreciate any help in this regard. I can put at your disposal the source files, both images and vector (SVG) or text. ODT. For now, this tutorial is available at:]