Fast Lighting FX in MyPaint

Hey there!
Sometimes i found images that i like for some reason. In this case This little “grandpa” dragon reminds me some special person in my life. So i decided to contact the painter and ask for permission to improve his lighting a bit as a test for MyPaint, but without changing too much the picture . He said yes so here we go. Do you want to see the result?check out the "mas informacion" text below

First of all we need to add more lighting to the picture. This way we add also more interest to the focal point. 

Step 1
Create a new layer on top called “overall orangeish light”
This layer is to add some “omni” light to the scene. Select the GlowAirb brush with a bright orange ish color. Paint softly over the new layer only where you think there is more light form the candle. You dont have to think a lot , just create a circular light. Then you can erase the areas where there is no light like in the capture. You can change the hardness of erasing, size and opacity. These options make eraser a very useful.

Step 2
Create a new layer on top called “ Reflection Details”
This layer is for the tiny specular lights coming from the candle, glasses and eyes. Select the “B.light” brush and start to make the reflections. Where it is needed.
 I have also darken a bit the candle's base, because there is no light there. Just the floor bounces.

 Step 3
Create a new layer on top called “ Skin and cloth details”
This layer is to add light to some parts of the face and neck. Look at the part where you can see the scales near the flame. And the wrinkles on the arm. They are more lighten but not too much ,this material seems to be dull.

Step 4
Create a new layer on top called “ Candle SubSurfaceScatering.” this will be helpful to increase the wax effect. Wax is not transparent ,but has translucence properties. As we are near the flame saturation increases and yellow color appears.

Step 5
Create a new layer on top called “ Background Shadow”
Select the “Glazing” Brush if you have installed the set “Allinone” LINK or select “BigAirBr.” from Ramon set. And press softly over your canvas in the corners. This makes a “vignette” effect and focuses the viewer POV on the dragon face, because face is big and covers a big place on the picture. And if the background has not got details, then the viewer focuses on the face.

Step 6
All these layers are adjustable by opacity slider. You can control the intensity of the speculars and the amount of light on the candle , and even you can change colors or readjust each layer in a Editing Software like Gimp.that can use *.ora to manage Mypaint Layers. In 0.9.1 release
note: i am using the 0.9.1 compiled from GIT
If you want to play a bit with the layers here is the .ora file 

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