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Krita’s 2018 Squash the Bugs. New fundraiser!

Wow long time no posting! beach, summer, daikiris... ? Not, something even more good!


Ramon Miranda at Hokmaph blog. Check it out!

Hi all
I have been interviewed by the blogger Massimo Civita... And there i talk about the new things that are to come with GPS 2.0 or the next GPS ready for the upcoming Gimp 2.8. So if you want to know more about me, my art, and goals, check it out!

Gimp is almost ready to be released ! and we all lovers of freesoftware are very nervious :D . so i am trying to finish the new GPS. Here comes a preview with the new dynamics. She is Super-dd a very good illustrator and a friend's wife.

You can see here the textured look on skin.