What's Gimp Painter? Part 2. Installation.

Welcome to the second part of "What's GIMP Painter?"
After a brief explanation in part 1 about each program and their differences, we'll see how to install them properly.
It's common to have doubts about how to do it, but you'll see it's pretty straight-forward following this step-by-step guide. All you need is basic GNU/Linux knowledge, and we'll just copy and paste the commands maked with light-blue in this article line by line.

Note: The following guide is appliable to Linux Mint 11 or Ubuntu 11.04 using the Gnome's 2 classic mode, which is what I use. If you use a different distribution some things might look quite different. If you want to follow the guide anyway then do it under your own responsability.

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What is Gimp Painter? Part 1. Introduction

"GIMP, GIMPshop, Gimphoto, GIMP Painter, GIMP Paint Studio... It's a mess, isn't it? It's impossible to get it right"

Have you ever felt this way? This article will explain the differences between all of them in a simple manner.
First we will leave GIMPshop and Gimphoto aside. They were variations or "forks" of GIMP that tried to imitate the UI of Photoshop. Currently, according their websites they are outdated and they haven't been updated to the 2.6 series (if this isn't correct please let me know).

What do we have then?
GIMP, Gimp Painter and GIMP Paint Studio.

GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is a bitmap image editing program. It's a free (as in speech and as in beer) software.
It's part of the GNU project and it's available under the GNU General Public License (GPL). More information here [link].

GIMP Painter
It's a "fork" of the official GIMP that offers 2 extra tools: "G-Pen" (a stabilized ink tool) and "Mixbrush" (a paintbrush tool with pigment mixing on canvas and the ability to use textures), pose some modifications in tools like the "power" and "min.scale" parameters, which we will se later.

GIMP Paint Studio
(also known as GPS)
It's a painting suite consisting in resources (tool presets, brushes, gradients, etc.) that works on top of GIMP or GIMP Painter.
It's not a program itself. To understand it better, it's like vitamins. They don't do anything by themselves, they need a living host, a person to decide where to act. GPS is the same: itneeds GIMP or GIMP Painter as a base, and it makes painting a more complete experience.

Where I do begin?
Choosing between GIMP or GIMP Painter shouldn't be hard. If your interest is photography, stay with GIMP. But if you're an illustrator and want to take advantage of painting-oriented features, then GIMP Painter is the right choice. We'll add GIMP Paint Studio later to enhance the default resources.

In the next article we'll se how to install each package properly. I hope to have clarified some frequently asqued questions. Don't hesitate to send me your comments or suggestions, critiques or invitations for a beer :)

Original article in Spanish
Translated to English by Guillermo Espertino (gez)


Study from my window. Landscape in Krita

Hello, as i have updated to beta 7 is time to see what can be done with crazy settings. I came from traditional arts, so it has been really fun to paint this as the sun goes down. I remembered a lot when my teacher said "don´t be afraid to ruin your pictures" and then he made few strong brushtrokes on my painting fixing my errors with his own style.

Color Smudge brush engine is really cool and combining with color rate is a very very powerful artistic resource.

i hope you like it


Arbol de vida

O no.
A veces las cosas no son lo que parecen. A veces simplemente pongo un título que esconde un verdadero significado. ¿Acaso nos lo creemos todo simplemente porque alguien nos lo dice? Reflexiona sobre tu mundo, sobre la verdad que te estan vendiendo. Una silueta que se parece a la vida, pero que realmente no lo es. Un juego de sombras chinescas donde tú ni siquiera eres un actor real, solo un efecto de luz.
...Pero ¿de qué sirve la reflexión si no la mueve una acción? acción que comienza primero en tu cabeza. Pues, muevete! no te creas lo primero que te digan e investiga el por qué te estan vendiendo mierda como oro. Lo más irónico es que todos estamos en el juego y solo existe una manera de escapar, cual? eso amigo lector ,es algo que tu mismo debes descubrir.

 Detalle full res. 01
 Detalle full res. 02

Realizado en PS dándole una vuelta de tuerca a mis pinceles y mis técnicas de texturado.