NEW set for KRITA software (2.5 or later)


As i have noticed, there are lot of visits to this page! :) Well, honestly This are old presets that i created for Krita and i think maybe people is missing my newest ones. So if you are interested in my Presets packs, here you can find much better designed pack. Enjoy it!

DOWNLOAD: Krita Preset Pack by RamonMiranda

The Summer is gone and is time to come back. Nice holydays by the way with a lot of friends arround me and sunny days...

Some time ago i start to refine my own set for Krita and i realized that i had different presets (What a mess!),with different brushes that i use in gimp 2.8 with GPS.

I decided to make a new set of tools for Krita to have same tools on both programs and  keep consistency.
Nowadays i use only about 20 presets  to make all the work that fits my style wich is not too much cartoony but realistic. sci-fi. And i don't use too much Wetpaint. (but i have also presets for that purpose)

Is hard for me (a presets maniac) to choose between all my presets but there some of them that i use all the time so i replicated them in Krita.

This is a capture of what i have right now.


Sometimes "less is more". and simplifing my workflow i notice i can paint faster and better. these presets are the same as my "fav" Tagged presets in Gimp GPS. Even they Keep my numeric  help.   example: 0_2B Pencil that means "sketch preset".

0 = Erase or Sketch
1 = Paint
2 = AirBrush and Splats
3 = Texture
4 = Smudge
5 = Light FX
6 = Misc.
-  = Unlisted; These are constantly evolving.

I also have some of  Deevad's presets and brushes wich i found really good.(i don´t show them in the capture) so if you want to get them visit his blog . The reason for that is that is silly to make again and again classic presets. These work for me but maybe you need something different ok? so you can choose the presets you need to add to your arsenal of tools. This set covers Sketching, Painting, Fx and more. enjoy it.

NOTE:My goal is not to create the perfect-final set, is just to make my workflow better and comfortable for me and if i can help other users... then is  Cool  :D

Technical Info:
Compatible with Krita 2.5dev. ( developement version , not in Krita 2.4 or expect bugs )This preset pack is not mean to replace the default. ( the default is better and more generalistic )

Download :

The brush pack can be downloaded here :

Install : The archive have 2 folders to extract in your ~/.kde/share/apps/krita
There are some Deevad's brushes inside too the brushes folder. remove them if you are not going to mix the set with him. no problem.


This brush and presets are released CC0 .
Here i agree totally with deevad's words:
"To be sure you'll never have copyright problem creating artwork or using them to show in video or share them in a tutorial etc...etc....Enjoy, I don't do it for fame or for money. Just for Floss artist share better tools. I invite other to do the same."
Here are mines, mate ;) more to come?