Vulcano Land in Gimp!

"Vulcano Land" is my last picture done in Gimp 2.8 with GPS.
It is a foreign place where fire rules. I enjoyed  a lot playing with the smoke effect ,fire ,glows and these kind of things. It has a lot of work on textures  painted by hand and using also some photos and painted over again. 
I love orangeish tones and this was a perfect test for stability on Gimp 2.8 . 0 Crashes!
with 20 layers divided in groups and masks. here is a capture showing the layout.

As you can see , there is a good amount of info separated in layers. This way the image is more versatile. Really happy with the group layers but i saw that needs to be refined as always , so more good things to come for 2.10, Who knows.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0  artwork : Ramon Miranda ([link])

Software : Made with Gimp 2.8 +GPS2
Tablet: Intuos 4 S
Time aprx 16h
Total Layers: 20
If you have more questions , just comment ! and i answer as fast as i can.