Gimpusers Challenge 1st Place

Click the image to see the finished painting.

Hi all,
some months ago, Gimpusers made a contest with new gimp 2.8 release called . Create a nature landscape scene in GIMP! The subject was Nature or Landscape Painting with no "human technology arround". It was a nice subject and i decided to present my image and see what hapens with it.Thanks Gimpusers crew for organize all the contest.

I had a good idea in mind about mood and color palette, but there wasnt too much details. After few hours of work the landscape turned on in a classical See landscape with rocks and lot of foam in a "emotional-realistic" style. I won the compo so thanks for voting me. and thanks also the others people who presented their works, they were beautiful images too.

Here is the image. If you want it, you can see the "Making of" opening the original file with all the layers separated in 5 stages group layers. Is Not very usual to see these kind of files, but the compo required and here it is, enjoy it :D. Also the image was produced under the CC terms so you can share it freely and post on news or social media, respecting the CC limits.

I hope you like it, thanks for your support and comments.