Colored Pencils effect in Gimp + G'MIC

Hi there,
This year is finishing and we have to think about our lifes and new goals.But before that i want to give you a gift: A new tutorial!

some weeks ago i started to explore G'MIC and i decided to mimic "colored pencils" technique using filters to achieve a more "human made" look. this is the result. Maybe i will put this in html format but for the moment there you have the PDF in English and Spanish.
I hope you liked it. If you want to improve it or share your results with me i will be pleassed to see them. Thanks for your comments and sugestions. 

bye and see you next time... well year? ;)

DOWNLOAD english version
DESCARGAR versión en español

Edited: 28/12/2012
A video !


Color Study 30min

Hi all, yesterday i was playing a bit with colors and different styles looking for a not realistic mood. This is the result. I Think clouds are interesting , different and a bit abstract in shapes .
After the painting session i was playing a bit with G-mic to add some effect. really nice Pluggin for Gimp. and very versatile to mimic classic techniques look.

I hope you like it.


Gimp Magazine Issue #2

BOOM! Here it Is.:D the Issue #2


Hi there! Gimp Magazine #2  is Out!. this issue is full of interesting content if you want to spend a bit of your spare time learning more about Gimp and the Gimp-Users. I recently discover the project and i found it very interesting and fun!
also, the presentation or better said, how it looks...cool.  A good layout clean and easy to read. So check it out!

Thanks to all the team that makes this magazine possible. great resource.

Hola a todos! Gimp Magazine Nº2 está ya disponible para descargar. Este número está lleno de contenido interesante si quieres pasar un buen rato aprendiendo más acerca de Gimp y de los usuarios de Gimp. Hace poco que descubrí este proyecto y lo encuentro muy interesante además de divertido. No es un inglés muy complicado de leer.
La presentación está cuidada y tiene buena apariencia. Un layout facil de entender y de leer. así que ¡échale un ojo a ver que te parece!

Gracias a todo el equipo de gimp Magazine que hace esta revista  posible. Una buena fuente de conocimiento.

¿cómo mejoraríais la revista? se admiten sugerencias, ellos encantados y nosotros más.