Mongul The conqueror. Fan-art.

Title: "Mongul The Conqueror"

Mongul is a Character from the DC universe. First time i read about him was when i was a kid. He was fighting with Superman in Warworld.( One of the best comics that i read during my childhood.) Now I am able to paint him as i want, with all his strenght but in a quiet pose.I started this painting with SAI but, as i am not using SAI anymore i decided to finish him with Gimp and GPS 2. I hope you like this little homage to DC.  All the rights are copyrighted by DC. This is only for fan-art and fun.
First aproach was more human than I wanted. So i decided to change his face searching more the "monkeysh" face with prominent forehead and very deep eyes. The Expression was hard to choose because he is arrogant,and the first face was more like "businessman" face :p. not happy with that. Finally i added him some scars as an artistic license. It is not a young Mongul but mid-age.

The Texture Work adds a very interesting "Classic painting" feeling. That is the reason for Dark Browns on the background. This helps to isolate the figure and make more important.

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I hope you like it , see you soon.