Book of Gimp. Review and video.

Hi all,
As you all know, I am always interested to know about new projects and the topic covered today is the best example.
Some time ago I was contacted by “No Starch press” to review one of their books called “The Artist's guide to GIMP by Michael j. Hammel.
It was a great Experience. No doubt is a good book that provides a good starting point with examples to increase our creativity or at least inspire us.
Today I present you my 2nd review. “The book of GIMP” .My first impression is This book is like and adventure and you feel like like Indiana Jones discovering lot of things, going deeper and deeper into the depths of GIMP. At the end of the book you will become a Gimp Expert if you follow the path of knowledge provided by Olivier Lecarme and Karine Delvare.

I thought it would be a good idea to review the book with a video not only text with some photos. So here we go. Is A HD video if you see it in Youtube :D

Book in General:
  • Presentation or look:The book is presented in a standard size for computer related books. It is about 650 pages full of text and images all about Gimp universe. So you can imagine the amount of knowledge this book is covering.
  • Amount of pages. 650 pages is more than you can read in several days. You can consider this book, your personal encyclopedia of Gimp. But that means you need to have patience and don´t give up as you read all the content.
  • Price. I think is very reasonable, Full color, 650 pages and lot of research done for you with tons of links. Of course you can search all the topics on google, but don´t you prefer just read the content and create your own works? I think is perfect for a newbie and also good for a more advanced user that wants to use the book as reference guide.
  • Content.It has a good order and layout because it shows 3 main different parts.
    • 1 Learning
    • 2 Reference
    • 3 Appendices
    And I have to say the more you use it, the more confident you feel with the program. Olivier has done a very complete range of topics. And this book is now on my shelve, because I am still learning things too.
  • Web support. Maybe you notice some photos look too small but wait.. no problem! The photos are also in a Website. This is a plus, you can watch all the photos with good resolution
  • Appendices. One of the sections that I didn’t expect to find in the book was the appendices covering things like visual perception, tips and tricks, resources links list. , and so on... I enjoyed it a lot and learnt a lot.

General info.

+1 for “No starch press.” to be an editorial promoting opensource publishing with quality.