Hi, this is my last painting with Krita software.
I wanted to paint a character for a a book separator and started to play with some brushtrokes and shapes. then a crazy idea appears.. Joan of arc.
First i thought about Joana of Arc but the image and idea was changing while i was painting. This woman is older than 19 and the armour is a bit Sci-fi with a special stonish-metal sword. So i left the idea but kept the name.

It was designed to be printed on A4 and with text on the blank spaces. As a book cover. I am studying how to improve my narrative language wich is one my weakness . I want to focus the attention on the Meditative girl. so i put lot of attention to the edges and blurred parts , like somekind of Depth of field but not so precise. It is more an Esthetic blur

I hope you like it. any critic is welcome. now i left with some crops at 100%

Face with no G'mic film effect grain applied.
The Background before the "Depth of field" blur.

Are you still thinking that Open source software is only for signatures or minor productions? c'mon ;) stay tuned. the Krita kickstarter campaign has started..