Muses DVD preset Pack in bundle format for 2.9!

It is time for an update!
Recently some people asked for a bundle format so i have been working on making a bundle. If you like it, let me know..

Download here

Want to see some examples?

For newcomers i post some images and info about the set.
Here you have it.

The colors of the squares are only for differentiating the parts,  they don’t have nothing to be with the colour coding we designed for distinguishing the presets.
– Sketching:
This first part of the set covers the sketching and dry techniques phases like pencil, charcoal and hard pastel.
Usually you’d use these presets in black and white, but the advantage of the digital painting is that with only one preset you can still use all the colors you want, for instance to simulate the effect of color pencils.

– Digital:
This part of the set covers the most common presets that you need for digital painting. The classic round brushes with a good velocity in bigger sizes, smooth contour, squared… The illustration of below, for example, makes an extensive use of the squared brush for creating the structures of the mountain. After that, you will have to do a detailing finish, of course, but is a fast way for delimiting the contours.
Personally, I use these presets all the time.
– Ink & Fx:
In principle, this presets aren’t for inking comics (for that see the presets created by Timothee Giet), they are for doing studies or fast sketches. We can emulate the markers technique very easily.
– Oils & water:
I use this presets for creating the brushstrokes of wet paint, for giving the painting the look and feel of oil paint and gouache. They create expressive effects and they are fast but I don’t recommend the using them at really big sizes: you can easily saturate the resources of even a beefy computer. They use the “ascension” sensor for the color-rate.

– Blender:
This presets mix the color that is applied in the canvas. They are quite explanatory in themselves.
– Texturing:
This presets are used for fill big parts of the image with varied shapes like leaves, clouds, etc. They simulate effects that will take a lot of time painting it directly with normal round brush, saving us a lot of time that can be spent on places where we need manual detailing.

Download here

Bundle install

To install, download the file , then import it in Krita this way : Settings/Manage Ressources / Import Bundle/Resources.

License :  the brushkit itself and thumbnails is released under the WTFPL 2.0  (compatible with Public Domain and CC-0 ).