Round 2. Visual Experiment for Krita 4.0 new layout proposal


Virtual Deleted (for now) 44 brushes,  88 left.

virtual deleted bruhes.

How i decide what to remove? well i have tried to get the more visual pleasant and useful combination. My focus is what people could expect the first time krita opens. and make the experience as much comfortable as possible. No knowledge of tools or brushes are needed.
So if you like the idea here we go.

This is a document with lot of info, not for begginers even when they can learn some tips here and there, but lot of terminology is present.

You are going to see lot of “IMO”( in my opinion). Of course you can disagree totally or not. I expose my ideas based on my own experience and i hope this help, if you like flames i am not you man ;)
Also you will need this image to follow the numbers.
  • 1 it can be changed by eraser soft. They do basically the same, erase softly. the Airbrush erase don´t use the Airbrush feature. Also imo is not a good idea put an eraser as the first brush in the default pack.If you(begginer) try it in a blank layer you can see nothing is happening and think the software is bad or the tool is not working.
  • 3 The “noise” size controlled by density can’t be modified In big canvas sizes. This could be make the noisy effect invisible or not perceptible.
  • 4 Airbrush pressure is a redundant term. It would be like the tipical Airbrush. Added 2 instead, Airbrush linear i would remove linear.
  • 7 we have a lot of “wetpaint” colorsmudge brushengine based brushes. 
  • 9 Gaussian term is not a common word to describe behavior in brushes. It is slow and Soft curve can do the same and more imo.
  • 12 The Soft thing is not enough for me to be as brush.
  • 14 Added 20 instead. If the tablet has no tilt options, we can use RMB to change angle.
  • 22,26, 27 Added 24 instead.I wish to control the size of bristles and the scale of them. nowadays they are always 1px width wich is nice for low res but is useless for highres images. 6000px wide.
  • 38, 39, 40 i can’t see practical uses. Maybe sketching. Added 37 to have a sample of this brushengine. I would add to the “specials” category
  • 44 added 45 instead in “ink” category. It is only to fill big areas, it could be replaced by 86 or 87. The tip can be changed to be square to be more usable in squared surfaces just changing the brush tip to square.
  • 46 Slow and nowadays we have another Blender Blur wich is soft. If DOF is what we need i would put it in FX or Distort Category
  • 51 There is a newer version for krita4. WIP
  • 55, 56, 57 Added 53, 54 instead in Texture category
  • 60 It can be replaced by 63. The ink stroke
  • 62, 64 Very small imo. Added 63 instead
  • 65 added 68 instead.
  • 69, 70, 71,72 i consider them as basic brushes. 69 or 71 can be replaced for 20. 70 can be replaced by basic brush with opacity by pressure. 72 can be replaced by ink brush just to take notes. 
  • 77 added 78 instead . Is texture controlled by pattern in Basic category
  • 94 Added 93 instead. We can control opacity by the upper menu slider or RMB. it would be great to have opacity by pressure or gradient as original Alchemy software.
  • 97,98,99,100,101,102,103,104,105. added 95, 96 as representation of the Sketchbrushengine. Shows basic features. Too much variation of the same brush engine (11 brushes). The pencil icon is not very intuitive. Size doesn’t control real size but Area to be affected and this is not usual behavior but special behavior in sketch brushengine. This can confuse some users.
  • 115 Useless imo. Only show change on color dynamics.The sorrounder brushes are very different. And the icon is related to dry technique like pastel so this could be confusing. 
  • 117 Added 120 (Blending cat. “Particle” Effect that blends color.)
  • 123 Added 118, 121 instead
  • 129 It is not related with nature neither texture. Random in rotation makes very hard to predict results. And useless imo.

That's all for the Round 2. Could i remove more brushes? could i simplify a bit more but without loosing quality and options for the user? maybe in Round 3 . Sharing and comments are apreciated as always. more feedback means better software


Round 1. Visual Experiment for Krita 4.0 new layout proposal

The Krita team is working hard to release Krita 4.0 on March. We as users try to help in some ways not always coding but creating resources and giving feedback and ideas.So, maybe this post could be interesting for you as krita user. here we go. consider this like a live post, where i am going to publish my ideas on this subject. My ideas to organize the krita brush set a bit more

I have been thinking about how to get the best of what we already have in krita. It sounds a bit crazy but take it as it is. **An experimental place for experimentation.** As we are making new things with brushes maybe is a good time for this kind of thing.
Sometimes is complicated due emotional attachments to the brushes. But for this experiment imagine everything is possible and nothing is solid like a rock

I often find myself searching for the right presets and then I have to search by word or visually. That is not a big issue. It takes me little time but I feel is not the best way to do that.

I have thought what other users might be using, so i take in consideration some facts:
  • What  Videos, tutorials,  screen capture, photos, are showing about layout and preferences
  • There is not a perfect solution. Even when is the best solution people can disagree due they are used to previous solution or personal taste.
  • krita covers a widest range of users. From beginners to pro users.
  • Pro or advanced users often use customized tools
This is my proposal to have the krita set more organized. To do it** I have printed several copies,numbered and wrote brushes name and cut all the brushes separately.
This makes the set more mobile because I can move brushes freely without worring about the names. (Then we have to being able to translate all these changes to the real application. Also this way I have a **overall view** on what we have on the table. After lot of game "moving" the brushes i think in them this way

I go from simple brushes , using only opacity and basic spacing to more complicated "organic" feeling . From simple to complex, order to chaos. 
After a bit more of thinking i ended with this idea as a guideline in each category :
 First we have the "Basic" behavior, then we have a more  Textured Brushtroke, then we have the brushes that are controlled with Pattern, and finally we have  Special Brushengines (Hairy, Hatch...)
(I think this helps also the user to guess where to look for a textured brush for example.)

Let's put a name on them
**Is hard to find good names, even harder ordering them alphabetically, but here we go. Who knows, maybe you will like it.**
 Basic (10 basic brushes to cover a wide range of painting without knowing the program) **covers painting both hard and soft,texture by brush tip and pattern,erasing and basic blend.**
These are my basic for a begginer. If you post in a wheel you get something like this.

Draw (pencil and shading)
Modify color (blending modes)
Smudgers (if we don't want to use the blender word and here has more sense because they are wet too.
Texture brush (brushes with more organic feel. Simmulates texture by the brush tip. Low spacing)
Texture rough (textures with big sizes and big spacing. Also controlled by patterns)
Specials(other brushengines) they are almost at the end because they have unusual behavior or special features. Pixelart could be here.
ZYX  tangent normal (3d. as this is different from illustrative painting I would keep them at the end of the set.
Quick brushes(I don't know if we are going to keep this brushes )

I have tried to keep the set organized and i have deleted more than 40 brushes, and i find the set visually easier to understand. 
If you have suggestions or new ideas just share them on the comments. Thanks 

I have a list with all the brushes that i have removed and why. are you interested or do i finish this experiment?

More info about brushes soon. you can take a look into the krita brushes core place here at phabricator. https://phabricator.kde.org/T7424