A new dawn, alegory . The Making off

Hi all, today I am going to show you my latest painting done in Krita 4.0 while i was collaborating to provide resources like brushes, brushtips, and patterns.
I think Krita deserves a good promotional images (at least finished images) and this was also a good testing canvas for that. My 2 cents ;)
This image reflects the emotional state that makes me feel this new release. So here you have...
"A new dawn, alegory" i hope you like it.

The process. (click on the images to see big-res images)

Step 01. First i start with the background, the mood itself of the image. I focus my attention on color and overall emotion. You can see there is no texture but i define where the figure must be placed.

Step 02. Then i continue working with brushes and wet paint.Here i am testing how to get the Oil or at least the painterly effect on some brushtrokes and i remove some coldness on the background. I start to add a bit of glow, this is an easy way to get more corlors to play with. Also you can see some primitive structures on the BG.

Step 03. I feel i need more color, why not! and i start to define better the path of viewers eye. I use very often the contrast to catch the attention. You can see a lot of brushtrokes , some are from 3.3 brushes and others are testing brushes for 4.0. Not too much detail here but i feel i like the red color and movement on clothes

Step 04. After some crazyness, lot of fun and exploration, is time to define a bit the image, the message and planes. You can see now arcs, rocks and a more defined pose for the woman. But at the moment i have only big spots of color.

Step 05. Time for block stage defining more and more.  

Step 06. I sketch a better figure in paper with pen, I love strong characters and strong women so i decide to give her a powerful pose, dominant but a bit humble holding her clothes with bare hands.

Step 07. I change the scale of figure to emphasize the environment and movement on the folds. Now you can see the folds and better idea o what the final image is going to be.

Step 08. Is time to detail a bit more all the scene. Structures on background, the ruins in midplane, the ground, adding a bit of texture and the main arc in the foreground with the woman in focal point. The folds are well stablished and is time to see if everything works. I am not sure with the arm pose so i delete it for the moment.

Step 09. I redefine a bit the mood, to be not so pictoric but more actual looking. I focus my attention on bg and add glow to the gate, wich is the symbol of "how krita is seeing a new light and how reborns from the ruins. (you know the history) I block the main shapes of arm and detail lot of parts.

Step 10. So... what i miss oh yes! more details ;) . I left this image posted because you can see how i use temporary swatches (in this case for the folds) you can see also this for the hair and how the strands starts to appear more realistic.

Step 11. And now a dramatic light change because the lighting was not coherent. Final details in hair, texture, folds, folliage, and fx. All done with krita 4 brushes.

I  hope you enjoy this new release as I do. Remember Krita it can be amazing but you are the artist.
If you have qustions or want to know more about my work, check my social media.